What Clients Say

Billie Jo Benedict has been working with me since 2006. During these years, she has become a fundamental attribute to solving the numerous and wide ranging tasks that demand my time. She has numerous capabilities from accounting to carpentry to cooking.

See the listing below of the range of her services. In addition to these services, she has excellent capabilities to problem solve. This is truly one of her greatest assets as even though she has a wide range of skills she has the initiative and canny to foresee problems and propose solutions. She is extremely professional and willing to listen and work with you to prioritize your needs and maximize the tasks she solves. Without question, Ms. Benedict will be an asset to solve your needs.

Dr. Max Lee

Last year my mother was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. I live out of state, so I had to find someone trustworthy and affordable to look after her during Mom’s recovery. Billie Jo has been there for us physically, as well as emotionally. She is very detail oriented, from Mom’s plan of care and her personal preference to keeping me informed of Mom’s progress. I have been very satisfied with all of Billie Jo’s work and will continue to use her as needed.

Denise Hedrington

My wife and I are senior citizens; 89 and 93 years of age. We have hung up the car keys. Billie Jo has been a blessing as our care helper this past year; we have been able to depend on her to show up at a moments notice, day or night, to render assistance in emergencies.

She has been most professional in keeping our home spotlessly clean, doing our shopping, preparing our meals and driving us to our numerous medical appointments. Her cheerful smile and gracious attitude have been the best of medicines in making our lives more enjoyable.

Mr. C.
Gainesville, FL

Best Care we ever had!! I would absolutely call Care More if I ever needed anything without a second thought! Billie Jo is capable of so much more than tending to our needs. I am at peace knowing that she is only a phone call away. Billie Jo is always thinking ahead so that we are prepared when it comes to taking action.

Jasmine L.
High Springs, FL

Billie Jo with Care More has taken excellent care of me before, during and after two surgeries and chemotherapy. She has been there for me to get me to my appointments, get my prescriptions, and do shopping, as well as fixing meals that are “just for me.” Billie Jo goes above and beyond the call of duty, because she really does CARE MORE.

M.M. Wagner
High Springs, FL

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